What My Training is and how personalized training plan works.

What should I do if my workout is too easy/too hard? Can I change my level?

Try completing a few training before deciding if your current level is too easy/too hard. You can change your level manually on My Profile tab. Tap on "Fitness Level" and pick a new level that suits you best. Your current week's training progress will be saved (e.g. if you have completed 2 training before switching level, the 2 completed training will still be counted), and all incomplete training will be adjusted accordingly.


If you feel your current level is too easy, provide us your post-workout feedback by selecting "Too Easy" and the adjusted training plan will be given to you the following Monday. Alternatively, if you wish to adjust the difficulty immediately, you can do so by manually changing the level on My Profile tab.


On the other hand, in some rare cases where you have just leveled up and you think the new level is too hard, you can change it back to your previous level and train in that level until you're ready to progress.