What My Training is and how personalized training plan works.

What if I couldn't complete all training circuits?

Don't feel discouraged if you couldn't complete all circuits! If you think the current level is too hard, you can manually change it to a lower level (learn how to change level here). Build up your strength and endurance and we will progress you automatically when you're ready.


If you are in the middle of a workout and would like to quit, you can either:

  • Tap on the "Pause" button and select "Quit Workout". All your progress will be lost and will not be saved in My Progress.

  • Tap on the "Next" button to skip the remaining exercises until you see the workout completion screen. All your progress will still be saved in My Progress - your workout duration and calories burned will be calculated based on actual workout duration. Make sure you submit your post-workout feedback honestly by tapping on "Too Hard" and we'll adjust your following week's training plan accordingly.