What My Training is and how personalized training plan works.

How does Smart Personal Training work?

For those who have subscribed to Smart Personal Training, you'll be given your weekly training plan every Monday (local time) which incorporates a combination of Resistance training and Cardio training. You may perform any of the given training on any day of the week, as long as you complete the required training frequency by end of Sunday in order to get a new training plan the following Monday. We recommend a 24 hour rest in between training to give your body sufficient time to recover, but you will have the option to do more than 1 training a day if you wish to. Remember to always listen to your body and rest when you need to.


Resistance training consists of 2-5 circuits (depending on your level):

  • Circuit 1 provides full body training that involves two compound exercises (i.e. exercises that activate more than 1 muscle groups). There is no time limit for Circuit 1 as long as you complete the indicated number of sets. This circuit is where you will activate most of your muscle groups, so make sure you perform the given exercises with correct form and take your time to complete each rep, slow and steady.

  • Circuit 2 and beyond are designed based on your selected problem areas, where the aim is to complete as many sets as possible within the given time. Exercises in these circuits are a combination of compound and isolation exercises.


For Cardio training, you have the option of:

  • Performing your own cardio, be it low intensity (LI) or high intensity (HI). For LI Cardio we recommend 30-60 minutes of cycling, slow jogging, or rowing; and for HI Cardio we recommend 10-20 minutes of intense cycling, sprinting/running, fast rowing, or skipping ropes. You can adjust the duration and perform your own desired exercises.

  • Flowing our given Tabata cardio training (a form of HI Cardio) that increases your resting metabolic rate (RMR) in the 24 hours post-training, ultimately burning more calories than LI Cardio. You do not have to complete more Cardio training than you're required to - if you have completed 100% of your Cardio training (be it your own Cardio, our Tabata, or a mixture of both), your weekly Cardio goal is considered achieved.


You either start from Beginner 1.0, Apprentice 2.0, Intermediate 3.0, Advanced 4.0 or Guru 5.0 depending on your fitness level and progress from there. FitFit's Smart Personal Training supports progression from Beginner 1.0 to Guru 5.5, where you will automatically be leveled-up based on your post-workout feedback and readiness. With every level up*, new exercises will be unlocked and automatically added into your training plan. You will also be required to perform exercises at higher reps/longer duration, or more exercises within each circuit for increased intensity. Learn more about how your Smart Personal Training plan is being designed here.

*Note: Each level/progression takes approximately two weeks for most people.