What My Training is and how personalized training plan works.

How does Smart Personal Training plan being designed?

Regardless if you are new to fitness or you have been working out for some time, our Smart Training algorithm - your digital personal trainer (PT) - will design the right plan for you based on the following factors:

  • your fitness level: You either start from Beginner 1.0, Apprentice 2.0, Intermediate 3.0, Advanced 4.0 or Guru 5.0 and progresses from there. Each level has 6 sub-levels (e.g. Apprentice 2.0-Apprentice 2.5) except for Beginner, where it only has 4 sub-levels (i.e. Beginner 1.0-Beginner 1.3). In other words, our Smart Personal Training supports progression from Beginner 1.0 to Guru 5.5

  • your fitness goal: Depending on your goal - to lose weight, build muscles, or simply be toned - different combination of Resistance and Cardio training will be crafted

  • your problem areas: Pick the body part(s) that you want to focus on, and exercises for these areas will be incorporated into your training plan


Each training/workout comes with warm-up and cool-down options. Even though you have the option to skip, we strongly recommend you to perform warm-up & cool-down to get your body ready, help with muscles recovery and minimize injuries.