Learn the definition of these common fitness terminology.


Think of this as a completion of all prescribed exercises with the specified reps/duration and/or sets. For example, a circuit may consist of:

- Burpee (5 reps)

- Push-up (5 reps)

- Plank jack (10 reps)

- Squat (10 reps)

*Repeat 3 sets of the above to complete 1 circuit

FitFit app uses Circuits to indicate the exercises that you'd need to complete in each workout. A workout may consist of one or more circuits:

  1. For Discover page workouts: Complete the indicated number of sets within each circuit to complete the workout.

  2. For My Training page workouts: (Learn how Smart Personal Training works)

  • Resistance - Separate logics are being used for different circuits. Circuit 1 requires you to complete the indicated number of sets; whereas Circuit 2 and beyond are circuit training where you're required to complete as many sets as you can within each circuit, with minimal to no rest in between exercises.

  • Cardio - Each 4-minute circuit is one Tabata with 20s work & 10s rest. You're required to complete the indicated number of sets.