A guide to Discover page, our FREE workout library.

What is on Discover tab?

Discover tab contains a home workout library curated by our trainers and is available to everyone for free. It has different workout groups ranging from stretching, quick workout, cardio, and more for people from different fitness levels - where new workout routines will be added every month. You will also find workout routines by focus areas (e.g. Arms, Back, Core, Glutes etc) here.


To make working out more informative and interesting, we also came up with country-specific workout routines that are named after local food to indicate how much (hard) work you need to put in to burn a serving of your favourite food! ;)

Note: The workouts on Discover tab is catered for the mass. If you are looking for a training plan that is unique to your goal & problem areas, consider subscribing to our Smart Personal Training plan (coming soon). Each week's training plan consists of resistance and cardio training that automatically progress you based on your post-workout feedback.