Get started by understanding all about the app and how it works.

Get started - What is FitFit app and how does it work?

Welcome to FitFit!

Now that you've registered and taken the first step, you can use FitFit to motivate you to workout and track your progress. This guide will help you to get started so you can fully engage in the FitFit experience.


FitFit is a fitness coach mobile app that aims to make fitness affordable and accessible to everyone by accommodating different fitness needs - be it home workout library curated by trainers, personalized training plan, progress tracking, and more (coming soon). Our workouts consist of 330+ minimal/no equipment exercises so that you could train at the comfort of your own home or at your condo/apartment gym where you have access to basic equipment such as dumbbells. It is free to download and comes with a home workout library, or you can subscribe for additional services according to your own needs at a very affordable price. Not to mention all workouts come with warm-up and cool-down options to minimize injuries & help with muscle recovery!


You can browse the app using Guest access before signing up - but you'll not be able to start a workout without an account. Sign up either with your Facebook account or your email address in order to use FitFit. If you sign up with email, you'll need to enter the verification code sent to your mailbox to complete the registration.


Upon logging in, you'll have access to the following tabs:

  • Discover: A free home workout library curated by trainers. Browse by category or focus area, pick your desired workout, and start training! New workout routines will be added every month.

  • My Training: (coming soon) If you subscribe to our Smart Personal Training, you'll see your very own weekly training plan here. Consists of resistance and cardio training that automatically progress you based on your post-workout feedback. 

  • Profile: Edit your personal details and app settings here. You can also visit our Help page, send us in-app feedback, or get in touch with us from the Contact Us tab.

Now, are you ready to kick start your FitFit journey?