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Do I need any equipment to perform the workouts?

FitFit is designed for "home fitness" where you can train anywhere, anytime. As such, you can perform all workouts with just your bodyweight and/or with minimal equipment. If you've subscribed to our Smart Personal Training (coming soon), we will automatically tailor the weekly training plan to your selected equipment option (either "no equipment" or "minimal equipment"); If you're training with free workouts on Discover tab, we have a collection of bodyweight workouts and minimal equipment workouts for you to choose from. 

Here are a few basic pieces of minimal equipment that you will need - as well as its suitable substitutes:

  • a mat: even though you can perform the exercises on the floor, we recommend having a mat to provide some cushioning for your back.

  • a towel: it can also be used to wipe off your sweat ;)

  • a bench: you may also use a sturdy chair/stool for replacement. For certain exercises where you'll need to lie down on a bench, you may choose to do it on a mat and keep your knees bent.

  • dumbbells: if you are not training at your condo/apartment gym and you do not have dumbbells at home, simply use a filled water bottle as replacement. However, we do recommend investing in some light-weighted dumbbells for better results.

  • (for certain stretching exercises) a pole: use any pole you can find - it can even be a broomstick!


All required equipment will be stated on each workout page so that you can have them ready prior to your workout.