Squat101: Beginners’ Guide - How to Squat with Proper Form?

Squat is one of the most popular compound exercises, and is sometimes being referred to as the "king of all exercises". But are you doing it correctly? Watch the video below to see the common mistakes & how you could fix them:

❌ Hunching your back

✅ Roll your shoulders back & open up your chest

❌ Excessive rounding of your lower back (butt wink)

✅ Maintain a neutral spine at the bottom of your squat

❌ Legs stance too narrow

✅ Legs shoulder-width apart, with your feet facing 11 & 1 o'clock

❌ Knees tend to cave in

✅ Knees pointing at the same direction as your feet

❌ Heels/Toes come up. Over-relying your toes/heels to support your balance

✅ Keep your feet flat on the ground


A good form is very crucial if you want to reap the benefits without the negative side effects associated with poor forms. Practice makes perfect - the more you practice with good form, the better you'll get over time!

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