Satay Ayam Workout (Beginner Level)

What is a Satay Ayam workout?

Thanks to the new technology and smart devices, it has becoming increasingly easy to gauge how much calories were burned during a workout. But what do these numbers mean and how much food intake do they represent? We've designed a series of workout that gives you an idea how much (hard) work you need to put in to burn a serving of your favourite local food.

Now try this workout to find out how much does ONE STICK of sate ayam "cost" you.

1. BIRD DOG - 6reps per side


3. GLUTE BRIDGE - 5reps

4. WALKOUT PLANK - 25seconds

⏸ 15s rest in between each exercise⁣

Complete 4 sets of these and you can reward yourself with a sate ayam 😏 Total time = 10 minutes


Satay Ayam Workout is a great choice for beginners. It involves upper body and lower body exercises so you get a full-body training.

Don’t underestimate this workout - give it a try and let us know how you feel! Install FitFit app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store for more free home workouts.

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