Personal Training Plan Is Now Available!

Say “NO” to a cookie cutter program and “YES” to your very own weekly personal training plan!

If you have installed FitFit App (Beta), update your app and you'll see the new My Training tab starting today. Regardless your goal is to lose weight, gain muscles, or be toned and stay healthy, we'll design a plan that's unique to you. Simply answer a few questions to receive a personalized training plan, powered by our proprietary Smart Training algorithm:

✅ A combination of resistance training and cardio training

✅ Generates a weekly training plan based on your goal, fitness level, and problem areas

✅ Guides you through the right set, reps, and rest time

✅ Automatically progress you based on your post-workout feedback

Do I have to pay for FitFit Personal Training Plan?

It's free for a limited time only, after which a subscription (at a very affordable price) is required to for continuous access.

How does the Personal Training work?

You can learn more about how Personal Training works, how it is being designed, understand the weekly progression, and more on our support page here.

How do I get access to the beta app?

Visit our website and submit your email address on the Early Bird form - we'll send you an invitation email with link to install the beta app*.


All you have to do is to follow through, level up, surpass your own expectations and achieve your goals!

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