Legs Strengthener 1 Workout (Intermediate Level)

In this 15-minute legs workout, we use the 2 main legs exercises for the best results. If done correctly, this workout doesn't just train your legs, but your glutes as well (yes it trains your ENTIRE lower body!). All you need is a pair of dumbbell.

1. DUMBBELL SIDE LUNGE - 12reps per side⁣


3. HIGH KNEES - 35s

⏸ 45s rest in between exercise⁣s⁣

Complete 3 sets. Total time = 15 minutes


Remember not to skip leg day - training your legs are as equally important as training your other body parts. Regardless if you're looking to build up your legs muscles or strengthen your legs, this workout is suitable for you - share it with your friends and attempt this together!

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