[UPDATED] FitFit App (Beta) Is Now Available!

We're glad to announce that FitFit app (beta) is now available for those who have registered for early bird access!

  • Simple registration/login steps with your Facebook account⁣

  • No more manual counting your workout duration, number of sets and rest time⁣

  • Includes 25 FREE home workouts curated by trainers - more will be added in coming weeks!

  • Warm-up options available for each workout⁣

  • Every exercise is equipped with video guide and detailed text instructions

What is FitFit App?

FitFit is a free fitness coach app with premium subscription options. Regardless your goal is to lose weight, gain muscles, or simply be toned and stay healthy, we have the right workouts for you. Enjoy a range of free home workout routines on our Discover page, or subscribe to a personal training plan that is unique to you. We pride ourselves on our mission to make fitness affordable and accessible for everyone - why pay more if you can achieve the same results with FitFit?

What does the beta app include?

Current beta app hosts a growing library of workouts ranging from 7 minutes to 30 minutes across all fitness levels, carefully curated by trainers and is available for free. You can access this workout library under "Discover" tab in the app.

What’s upcoming?

We have a number of exciting features and products lined-up in the coming months!

  • Cool-down option

  • [Premium] Personalized training plan powered by our proprietary smart training algorithm

  • Calories-burned estimation

  • Performance & progress tracking

and more!

How do I get access to the beta app?

Visit our website and submit your email address on the Early Bird form - we'll send you an invitation email with link to install the beta app.


⁣Those who have previously signed up for Early Bird on our website will receive the invitation email in the next 24 hours.⁣ For those who have not, you can still register at https://fitfitapp.co - Be sure to enroll in our Early Bird program to enjoy newly released features and products before everyone else. All feedback and suggestions are welcomed at hello@fitfitapp.co