Do's & Don'ts for 5 Abs Exercises

Abs exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, planks are very popular - but are you doing them correctly to reap the full benefits? We've compiled the do's and don'ts for 5 popular abs exercises:

Crunch: Don't pull forward with your neck; Do keep your neck neutral & engage your abs muscles

Bicycle Crunch: Don’t lift only your shoulders; Do raise your upper torso and twist

Plank: Don't let your hips drop or raise your hips too high; Do keep your back flat & your body in a straight line

Sit-up: Don't use momentum to drive yourself up; Do engage your core & raise your torso in a controlled movement

Russian twist: Don't just twist your shoulders; Do twist your torso from the ribs up


Performing the right form isn't just crucial to reap the full benefits of the exercises, but also help reduce the chance of you getting injured. FitFit app is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store with FREE home workout routine. Install & start training now!

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