CRUNCH Abs Workout (Advanced Level)

Crunches are classic core exercises. There are a number of abdominal crunches variations available - here we have selected 3 crunch variations, from easy, medium, to hard for you to challenge your limits and at the same time train your entire core region.

1. CRUNCH - 20reps⁣

2. TWISTING CRUNCH - 20reps per side⁣

3. UP CRUNCH - 20reps

4. SUMO SQUAT - 12reps⁣

⏸ 45s rest in between exercise⁣s⁣

Complete 4 sets. Total time = 20 minutes



  • Keep your neck in a neutral position and avoid pushing forward using your neck⁣⁣.

If you're looking for something different to challenge yourself, this no-equipment 20-minute advanced crunch abs workout is all you need. Be sure not to compensate the momentum with your neck as it'd hurt your neck muscles in long run.

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