Abs Builder Workout (Apprentice Level)

This 15-minute abdominal & oblique routine is all you need if you're short of time and yet wanting an effective all-rounder core workout. These 4 exercises are carefully chosen to build & strengthen your core muscles.

1. KNEE TUCKS - 12reps⁣

2. TWISTING CRUNCH - 10reps⁣ per side

3. PLANK - 45s

4. DUMBBELL SIDE BEND - 12reps⁣ per side

⏸ 30s rest in between exercise⁣s⁣

Complete 3 sets. Total time = 15 minutes



  • Replace the dumbbell with a backpack, water pail, or even your grocery bag! Adjust the weight to your comfortable level⁣.

This workout is suitable for both men and women who are of Apprentice level - if you're a beginner and would like to attempt this workout, decrease the number of reps or sets (or both) and slowly increase the intensity as you progress.

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