7-minute Quick Core Workout (Apprentice Level)

Sometimes all you have time for is a relatively quick workout at home that requires no equipment. The good news is that we've put together a 7-minute core workout which not only trains your abs, but your obliques (side waist) too.

1. KNEE TUCKS - 12reps

2. SIDE (BENT-KNEE) PLANK - 30s per side

3. CRUNCH - 10reps

4. LYING TWIST - 10reps per side

⏸ 15s rest in between each exercise⁣

Complete 2 sets. Total time = 7 minutes



  • If CRUNCH with hands behind your head is too hard, place both hands on your chest or at the side of your body for easier versions

This workout is also good for those who are relatively new to training. Everyone starts somewhere. It only takes 4 exercises to kick start your fitness routine - be consistent and you'll notice changes to your body in no time!

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