6 Types of PLANKS

Bored of doing regular planks? Here are 6 other plank variations that you can do to challenge your core:

1. Side Plank - Do the full version (both legs straight) if the bent-knee version is too easy

2. Single-leg Plank - Hold your lifted leg at the same position and don’t let it sink

3. Twisting Plank - A dynamic version to work on your side waists (ie obliques)

4. Dolphin Plank - If your core/arms are not strong enough to support your bodyweight, lower your knees to the floor into a Half Dolphin Plank when you come down

5. Two-point Plank - One that challenges your core as well as your balancing

6. Push-up Plank - Alternate your arms (so that you don’t use the same arm all the time) when you push yourself up. Practice makes perfect


If you've been doing the same old forearm plank, it's time to get playful and change up your core workouts with these fun plank variations. And you can do all these with just a mat and your bodyweight!

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