5 Common PUSH-UP Mistakes

Push-up is inevitably one of the most well-known chest exercises that you probably have done before. It looks relatively easy, but do you know if you are doing it correctly? We've summarized the top 5 most common push-up mistakes that most people have encountered:

❌ Elbows flaring out ⁣

✔️ Tuck your elbows in slightly⁣

❌ Only lower body goes down⁣

✔️ Make sure your body is in a straight line

❌ Head goes down first⁣

✔️ Maintain neutral neck position. Try looking down at the floor, not forward/in front⁣

❌ Hunching⁣

✔️ Roll your shoulders back & down, and retract your shoulder blades when you go down⁣

❌ Not doing a full rep⁣

✔️ Get your chest as low to the floor as you can


Try redoing it again with the correct form - and you'll definitely feel the difference. It helps if you're doing it in front/next to a mirror, so that you can check your form & adjust accordingly. These small differences do make a HUGE difference in the outcome!

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