4 Plank Variations Workout (Intermediate Level)

A plank is a simple yet effective bodyweight exercise that can be performed anywhere, and there are tonnes of variations that you can do. Here we've put together a workout with 4 plank variations that not only work your abs but also your oblique muscles.

1. PLANK - 60s⁣

2. PLANK JACK - 20reps⁣

3. SIDE PLANK - 45s per side⁣

4. TWISTING PLANK - 12reps per side⁣

⏸ 45s rest in between exercise⁣s⁣

Complete 3 sets. Total time = 20 minutes



  • Start with shorter duration/lower reps if you’re unfamiliar with the exercises. Slowly increase the intensity as you redo the workout⁣

Training the abdominal muscle group is no easy task. Switch up your core training with this plank workout for a challenge - it might not be as easy as you imagine! Try this with your plank-buddy!

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